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SU-G700 Galeria
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Grand Class G Series : Stereo Integrated Amplifier

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Korzyści z zakupów w Oficjalnym Sklepie Panasonic

  • Darmowa dostawa kurierem

  • Prosto i bezpiecznie

  • Kompetentna obsługa i wsparcie

  • Reference-Class High-Quality Audio Technology

  • Construction with High Sound Quality Using Three-Section Construction

  • High-Grade Design Using Two Large Needle Meters and Large Volume Knob

JENO Engine (Jitter Elimination and Noise-shaping Optimization)In order to faithfully transmit the massive amount of audio data included in content to the speakers without loss, the SU-G700 power amp section uses full digital amplification including a JENO (Jitter Elimination and Noise-shaping Optimization) Engine. Also, a unique, high-precision PWM conversion circuit is used for PWM conversion, which is important for sound quality. These technologies provide reproduction of natural and finely detailed sound enabling perception even of delicate nuances of music.LAPC (Load Adaptive Phase Calibration)Technics developed a speaker impedance adaptive optimisation algorithm that performs correction to the ideal impulse response through digital signal processing by measuring the frequency amplitude-phase characteristics of the amplifier with the speakers connected. This new technique enables flattening the frequency characteristics of amplitude and phase, which had not been previously achieved by amplifiers, as well as delivering a sound with a rich spatial expression.High-speed Silent Hybrid Power SupplyThe SU-G700 power supply reduces the noise component harmful to sound quality by fixing the switching frequency. In addition, the latter stage in the switching power supply is provided with a linear regulator using a custom high definition electrolytic capacitor is provided. Also, our resonance-type power supply decreases the level of switching noise. The parts used for absorbing noise, such as capacitors, were carefully selected. All possible measures were taken to achieve low noise and reproduce clear sound.Noiseless Signal TechnologyFor the PC input terminals, the amplifier includes power conditioners using non-magnetic carbon film resistors with strong protection against magnetic distortion and using capacitors of high-quality ruby mica excellent in characteristics such as low dielectric loss, high voltage resistance, and temperature stability. Sound reproduction with greater purity was pursued by blocking the incursion of noise from the outside.


Digital Noise Isolation Architecture Yes
Optimally Activated Circuit System Yes
Technologia dźwięku Technics
High Rigidity Cabinet Yes
Three-section Configuration Yes
70 W + 70 W (1 kHz, T.H.D. 0.5 %, 8Ω, 20 kHz LPF) 140 W + 140 W (1 kHz, T.H.D. 0.5 %, 4Ω, 20 kHz LPF) Yes
LINE 200 mV / 22 kΩ, PHONO (MM) 2.5 mV / 47 kΩ Yes
4 - 16 Ω Yes
Headphone Output Yes
USB Audio Class Specification USB Audio Class 2.0, Asynchronous Mode
DSD Yes (2.8224 MHz, 5.6448 MHz, 11.2896 MHz)
PCM Yes (32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8, 384 kHz / 16, 24, 32 bit)
Power Supply AC220-240 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Power consumption 85 W
Weight Approx. 12.3 kg Approx. 27.2lbs

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